The Magazine Association of BC is excited to offer this year's lineup of speakers at MagsWest 2020. Click on a speaker to find out about them!

  • Erin Millar

    Erin Millar, Keynote Speaker

    Erin Millar is the founder and CEO of The Discourse, where she’s reimagining the community newspaper to better represent all of us. Under her leadership, The Discourse has become an award-winning, international innovator creating a new business model for journalism — an industry in massive transition. Millar is also chair of the Digital Issues Committee […]

  • Allyson McGrane, photo credit Rodrigo Ceballos

    Allyson McGrane

    Allyson McGrane is a successful producer, creator and consultant. Since 2000, she has worked with hundreds of professional and community artists and arts organizations in Metro Vancouver and beyond. Having trained as a lawyer and been called to the Bar of British Columbia, she is currently a founding partner at Left Right Minds Initiatives which […]

  • David McKie. Photo credit: Deirde McKie

    David McKie

    David McKie is an Ottawa-based adjunct journalism professor, data-journalism trainer and award-winning author who spent 26 years honing his skills at the CBC where his award-winning work (the CAJ, IRE and Michener) influenced policies in areas such as the adverse reactions of prescription drugs and medical devices, as well as the RCMP’s use of Tasers. […]

  • Fiona Bramble - photo credit Lara Correa Costa

    Fiona Bramble

    Fiona Bramble is a former ELL educator who dreamed a dream to help amplify the voices and lived experiences of her adult immigrant and refugee students embarking on their next chapters of life in Canada. This passion led to the founding of Here Magazine and Here In Canada, a not-for-profit organization whose members are dedicated […]

  • Jason Maghanoy

    Jason Maghanoy

    Jason Maghanoy is the Head of Business Development at St. Joseph Media with a focus on digital innovation, revenue strategy and premium membership.   Prior to St. Joseph Media, he was the Director of Revenue at NOW Magazine.   Jason is considered one of the brightest emerging leaders in the City of Toronto. He is […]

  • Jennifer Van Evra, photo credit Wendy D Photography

    Jennifer Van Evra

    Jennifer Van Evra is an award-winning Vancouver writer, broadcaster and University of British Columbia instructor. Her work has appeared in publications including the Globe and Mail, Metropolis, Mother Jones, Condé Nast, Adweek, the Harvard Business Review, Vancouver magazine and many others.   For two decades she has also been a CBC reporter and producer, working […]

  • Kareece Whittle-Brown by Tito Araujo

    Kareece Whittle-Brown

    Kareece (Kari) was born in Kingston, Jamaica and has always had a passion for using the written word to inspire, inform and entertain. She holds a Masters Degree in International & Intercultural Communications and a BSc in Information Technology and has been a successful Information Technology Project Manager for years. Co-founder and former Editorial Director […]

  • Patti Sonntag

    Patti Sonntag

    Patti Sonntag is the founder and director of Concordia University’s Institute for Investigative Journalism, bringing together media organizations and universities to collaborate in the public interest. A former managing editor in The New York Times’ News Services division, she is the producer of the award-winning “Price of Oil” series and the ongoing “Tainted Water” investigation. […]

  • Stacey McLachlan

    Stacey McLachlan

    Stacey McLachlan is editor-at-large of Western Living and Vancouver magazines, editor of Real Weddings and Western Living Condo, and an award-winning writer who has been published everywhere from BC Business to Interior Design. On the side, you’ll find her doing sketch and improv comedy across Vancouver. All Speakers