The Magazine Association of BC is excited to offer this year's lineup of speakers at MagsWest 2019, with experts talking about everything from investigating export marketing to supporting BIPOC writers, from implementing narrative journalism for small magazines to planning an effective Facebook ad campaign.

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  • Yilin Wang

    Yilin Wang

    Chinese Canadian writer, poet, editor, and Chinese-to-English translator; assistant editor for Room Magazine and volunteer coordinator for the Growing Room Festival.

  • Emilee Gilpin, multimedia journalist, National Observer

    Emilee Gilpin

    Multimedia journalist with National Observer, lead on a series called “First Nations Forward,” and former intern with The Tyee.

  • Jennifer Bird, executive publisher, Fly Fusion Magazine

    Jennifer Bird

    Executive publisher, Fly Fusion magazine, content director, and marketing consultant with a background in financial investing and insurance strategies.

  • Scott Bullock, circulation and covers expert

    Scott Bullock

    Award-winning veteran marketing and circulation expert with experience in both Canada and the United States. Runs circulation consultancy CoversSell.com.

  • Erika Kumar, Business Analyst, Development

    Erika Kumar

    Arts Innovation Fund, Interactive Fund, MPPIA Short Film Award and the Daryl Duke & William Vince Scholarships coordinator at Creative BC. Previously project coordinator for The Adbusters Media Foundation.

  • Christine Chiu, Program Analyst, Development, Creative BC

    Christine Chiu

    Project Development Fund, Passport to Markets and International Industry Initiatives programs analyst in the development department at Creative BC. Formerly with business affairs departments and distribution sales at various film and TV companies.

  • Patrick Sauriol, Digital Marketer

    Patrick Sauriol

    Award-winning digital leader in creative direction, team leadership, copywriting, ideation, eCommerce strategy, growth hacking, social media, gamification and worldbuilding. Launched successful strategies for websites, email campaigns, social media and viral campaigns for over 60+ companies.

  • Sarah Hoyles, podcasting, content and communications consultant

    Sarah Hoyles

    Podcasts, content and communications producer for the Edmonton Heritage Council, Alberta Volleyball, Arete HR, and others. Has done work and podcasting for the CBC and CKUA in Alberta.

  • Sarah Veness, web developer, instructor

    Sarah Veness

    A developer at Shopify, Sarah teaches web development workshops to a variety of audiences, especially working with women, children and marginalized groups.

  • Shelley Arnusch, senior editor, Avenue Magazine, journalist, writer

    Shelley Arnusch

    Senior editor at Avenue Magazine in Calgary. Formerly at Pique Newsmagazine in Whistler, Swerve Magazine, Westjet Magazine, USA Today, Canadian Geographic and others. National award-winner for service journalism.

  • Linda Solomon Wood, CEO of Observer Media Group and founder and editor-in-chief of the National Observer

    Linda Solomon Wood

    CEO of Observer Media Group and founder and editor-in-chief of the National Observer. Innovator, entrepreneur, and award-winning journalist, having freelanced at The Los Angeles Times, Orion, and the International Herald Tribune, among others.

  • Phoebe Wang, writer, poet, educator, mentor

    Phoebe Wang

    Writer, educator, mentor, whose work has appeared in BRICK Magazine, Sindroms Magazine, REFUSE: Canlit in Ruins, The Unpublished City. Co-hosted and organized Fuel for Fire: Professional Development for Writers of Colour in partnership with the OAC. Works for Poetry In Voice and OCADU.

  • Shazia Hafiz Ramji, poet, author, editor, publishing consultant

    Shazia Hafiz Ramji

    Award-winning poet, author, and editor for Metatron Press and Canadian Women in the Literary Arts, MagsBC board member.

  • Taryn Hardes, Digital Marketer and Freelance Social Media Strategist

    Taryn Hardes

    Digital marketer and a freelance social media strategist. Manages Instagram for Vancouver Magazine and Western Living.

  • Curtis Gillespie, Eighteen Bridges, narrative journalist

    Curtis Gillespie

    Co-founder of award-winning narrative journalism magazine, Eighteen Bridges, and winner himself of seven National Magazine Awards.

  • Erin Brenner, publishing, digital, marketing, editing

    Erin Brenner

    Award-winning marketing writer, publishing professional and owner of Right Touch Editing.

  • Barbara Woolley, partner, Hamby & Woolley, magazine designer

    Barbara Woolley

    Partner, Hambley & Woolley; award-winning designer; speaker and OCADU instructor. Art directed and co-designed harry magazine for over 19 years.

  • Ian MacKenzie, media activist, filmmaker, crowdfunding expert

    Ian MacKenzie

    Media activist and filmmaker who has successfully helped raise over one million dollars with over 30+ crowdfunding projects.

  • Anna Ling Kaye, fiction writer, freelancer, editor

    Anna Ling Kaye

    Fiction writer, freelance editor, co-founder of Hapa-palooza Festival, board member of Project Bookmark Canada. Former editor at PRISM international and Ricepaper magazines.

  • Kalina Kolarova, Social Media Community Manager, RTOWN

    Kalina Kolarova

    Lead social media community manager at RTOWN, managing over 20 business’ social media accounts at one time as well as full-scale social advertising campaigns.

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